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Digital Hotel Care Analysis Service

     When the website, reservation engine, call center or OTA management, created and managed by Digital Hotel Care for the brand, monthly user analysis and reporting, and sales data are presented to the brand.
     Sales prices and actions to be taken for the next process are determined by analyzing competitor hotels, market analysis, income analysis, comparison of previous years and current situation.

     Microsoft Power BI is used for a more comprehensive and detailed analysis tool upon the request of the Brand. To use the Microsoft Power BI tool, first a connection is established with the PMS used by the hotel and the data is received at least once a day and transferred to the Power BI side.
     Thanks to Microsoft Power BI, it is possible to use mobile devices, tablets or computers on the following issues that belong to the brand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
     The use belongs only to the hotel management or the people determined by the management.


     The data that is instantly updated through Microsoft Power BI is as follows.

     Income section:

  • Income analysis and market distribution statistics by market

  • Income analysis and country distribution statistics by country

  • Revenue analysis by hotel

  • Comparison of past periods and current period

  • Income distribution by room category and room category performance analysis

  • Income distribution according to periods and period performance analysis

  • EB period sales statistics

  • Non-EB period sales statistics

  • Last Minute sales statistics

  • Reservation flow statistics

  • Forecast situation analysis and forecast performance analysis

  • Revenue per reservation analysis

  • Income analysis per room

  • Per capita income analysis

  • B2B and B2C revenue analysis and performance by sales channels

  • Performance analysis of each agency, market or country over the years

  • Length of stay analysis

  • Reaction analysis by reservation date

  • Average overnight analysis

  • Cancellation reservation rate and statistics of canceled reservations

     Cost section:

  • Total or per person cost according to periods

  • Total or per person cost according to the market

  • Total or per person cost by country

  • Total or per person cost according to the hotel

  • Total or per person cost according to sales date

     If the brand requests, analysis work related to accounting, GR, CRM and HR departments can be provided with the same infrastructure.

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