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Digital Hotel Care Google Ads Management

     Digital Hotel Care provides Google search engine advertisement services to the brands it works with. Thanks to this service offered, brands significantly increase their sales and brand awareness. As a result of monthly reports and analyzes, sponsored traffic, conversion rate and ad quality obtained thanks to Google ads are monitored.

Google Ads Management Process

     We have four different marketing methods through Google Ads.
     It is the pay per click advertising model, first known as PPC. Sponsored results are displayed in user-branded or non-branded searches on Google. In all searches related to the brand, it is ranked 1st in the sponsored results. By using successful keywords and negative keywords related to the brand, the advertising quality score is managed in a way that gives the best results.
     Secondly, there is the Display Marketing application. It is an advertising product that has the image of the hotel on all websites with Google Adsense feature used by the target audience of the hotel.
     Third, there is the Remarketing application. People who have visited the website of the hotel we have created for the hotel are shown the advertisement of the hotel on other websites they visit.
     Fourth, the Look-A-Like marketing effort. It is an advertising product obtained by Digital Hotel Care, which is used to target people who have similar characteristics such as the desired target audience by submitting the characteristics of the hotel's qualified target audience to Google, who use the internet similarly but who have not contacted the hotel before, and who have a high purchasing potential.

How is Google Ads Advertising Budget Determined?

     After evaluating the location of the hotel, the characteristics of the target audience and management demands, the annual total budget for digital marketing is determined by Digital Hotel Care.
     As Digital Hotel Care establishes a sustainable income ecosystem for hotels, some of the revenue generated through the reservation engine and call center is used as the total digital marketing budget.

Google Ads Management Cost

     We provide Google Ads service free of charge for the hotels where we set up a website, reservation engine or call center.
     We offer Google Ads management service for a fixed monthly fee only to hotels that request Google Ads service.

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