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Digital Hotel Care Loyalty Program Service

     Especially in the hotel industry, since the main product is "service", it is very important for hotels to approach their guests and to make each guest feel special.

     In human psychology, feeling special and having a special opportunity are more important when buying something than the price and the need for the product or service.

     For example, the person goes to a restaurant, hairdresser or doctor where they feel special or known. The value of the special attention given to them and the knowledge of their habits by the business precedes the price or the quality of service received.

     Therefore, with the "loyalty program" or "membership system" that works integrated with our reservation engine and call center application, we increase our sales by 46% in the brands we work with.

Loyalty Program Working Principle and Importance

     First of all, as Digital Hotel Care, we recommend making the hotel's website and reservation engine available. Incorporating our loyalty program into the solid structure created is of great importance in terms of reaching the target more efficiently.

     Every visitor to the brand's website creates a membership in the loyalty program with an e-mail address. Our system includes every guest that creates their membership in the guest group that we have planned beforehand. This group varies according to the number of visits to the hotel in advance, the price spent on the brand, the country of residence, age group, date of birth, date of marriage, length of stay, and the number of rooms to be booked.

     The most important opportunity offered to the guests with the loyalty program is the personalized price. Guests know that they will not find the offer they will receive with the loyalty program anywhere else, and the special requests of the guests are recorded in the system. Therefore, the special service offered by the hotel for each member is provided before the guests start their stay. This creates a sense of belonging and spending more money on the hotel for members.

     The importance of the guests included in the loyalty program for the brand is to create special offers according to the guest pool available to the brand, to use the marketing tools more effectively and to manage the brand perception more effectively. At the same time, it is beneficial in reaching the qualified audience similar to the members of the brand through social media or search engines, and people who have similar characteristics but have not contacted the brand before.

     The information of thousands of guests included in the loyalty program is kept in accordance with the current Personal Data Protection Law and necessary permissions are obtained from the users.

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