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Digital Hotel Care Social Media Management

     After the website we created for the brand, the second most powerful organic feed channel is the social media accounts belonging to the brand.
     The ability to organically manage the interactions of the guests and potential guests who follow the brand with the website, comment sites and social media accounts, and the ability to manage the perception management of the brand in digital media as desired is very important for the brand's income balance and continuity.

Social Media Organic Management Process

     Monthly and annual targets are determined by us for the management of social media accounts belonging to the brand according to the location of the hotel, the characteristics of the consumer audience and the characteristics of the target audience of the hotel, and a strategy is created to reach the determined targets. The actual operation is reported to the hotel management on a monthly basis.
     Photo and video shoots are made by our expert team every month, according to the availability of the hotel and the special event calendar. Filming is edited in the studio and included in the organic sharing calendar. Posts are made in a language to be determined according to the target audience of the brand.

Social Media Marketing Management Process

     As in all marketing channels, we have two different marketing processes in social media channels.
     The first is marketing to increase our awareness and drive traffic to our social media accounts. In this way, our mutual interaction with the social media user increases and the sense of curiosity is at the forefront.
     The second is sales-oriented marketing. With this marketing method, a targeted marketing application is used for our website and call center sales. Products such as special prices for the hotel, contact information of sales channels, room types or services offered for sale are marketed.

How is Social Media Marketing Budget Determined?

     There are different variables such as the location of the hotel, the characteristics of the guest audience, the characteristics of the target audience and the evaluation of management demands.
     Since Digital Hotel Care establishes a sustainable income ecosystem for hotels, a part of the revenue obtained from the reservation engine and call center is used as a digital marketing budget.

Social Media Management Cost

     The social media accounts of the hotels where we set up the website, reservation engine or call center are managed by us free of charge.
     We only offer social media management services to hotels that require us to manage their social media accounts for a fixed monthly fee.
     For each video and photographic projects to be shot at the hotel, a proposal is prepared in accordance with the needs and demands, in consultation with the brand. Photo and video shootings are carried out for a fee per project.

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