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About Digital Hotel Care


     Since 1999, they have started to provide consultancy to different hotel businesses since 2019, together with our expert team who have worked in different departments in the facilities located in Antalya Lara, Kemer and Side regions.
     Digital Hotel Care, with its corporate identity as of September 2022, has started to serve in areas such as social media management, corporate whatsapp installation, OTA management, analysis and reporting, business consultancy, B2B contract creation consultancy, operations consultancy, call center setup, SEO consultancy, digital marketing, website setup, reservation engine, loyalty program setup for Delphin Hotels and Oz Hotels brands.
     Since we have official partnership with and official partnership with Travelclick / Amadeus for the first time in Turkey, we manage successful operations in digital marketing and analysis areas with a quality target audience.
     Starting with brands that want to invest in digital transformation in the tourism sector, we establish sustainable organizations that create their own resources.
The biggest formula for our success and rapid growth is the 25% increase in profitability we have achieved in the facilities we work with.

     It is necessary to determine the criteria of success well and to define success correctly. Receiving return on investment in Online Sales & Marketing is a time-consuming and difficult process. Goals should be set realistically and accurately.
     All investors question when and to what extent the investment returns. However, in order to be successful in Online Sales & Marketing, if reasonable goals are spread over time with the right planning, it becomes a fast-growing investment that reduces costs and increases revenue.
     At the same time, the right strategy in Online Sales & Marketing ensures that the hotel gets maximum efficiency in all sales channels, including B2B.
     Don't be afraid to invest, you can't escape digital and the future. Be on the side that leads the sector and achieves success.
     Remember, you can't improve if you can't change.


Antalya Online Satış ve Dijital Pazarlama Digital Hotel Care



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