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Digital Hotel Care Tripadvisor Partnership


     Digital Hotel Care is the official partner of the Tripadvisor travel and information website.
     Tripadvisor is the most important comment, information and reservation website used by guests traveling from abroad or domestically. With an average of 324 million site visitors per month, we maintain the partnership relationship between the world's leading travel website and all hotels in Turkey.
     We manage the administration, organic ranking and marketing of the pages of the hotels on Tripadvisor. The number of qualified site visitors coming to the official websites of the hotels through Tripadvisor reaches the level of 64% in a short time by raising the hotels we work with to the top positions. At the same time, we provide an average of 34% increase in booking rates through Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor Administration Cost

     As Digital Hotel Care, we do not charge additional fees for Tripadvisor accounts belonging to hotels.
     We provide consultancy services free of charge to the hotels regarding the correct management of the hotels through Tripadvisor, the correct response to the guest comments, the speed of answering the questions received by the guests, increasing the number of visitors organically, and most importantly, the management of the marketing activities to be carried out through Tripadvisor.
     It is important for us to manage all digital channels of the hotel with the right strategy.

Antalya Online Satış ve Dijital Pazarlama Digital Hotel Care



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