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Digital Hotel Care Whatsapp Business Setup


     Whatsapp, the most popular messaging application in the world, reached a record level in 2022, being used by 2 billion people.
     All the applications and systems we use for the brands we work with have been selected and designed by guests, hotel management and Digital Hotel Care in a way that will provide the most benefit.

     We see that at least 75% of website visitors use mobile devices. With the most used messaging application, we provide Whatsapp Business communication to site visitors coming from mobile or computer.

Whatsapp Business Usage Process

     In order to use Whatsapp Business, a call center team must be established at the hotel by Digital Hotel Care. The reason for this is that we provide consultancy regarding the infrastructure and usage of the system used by the team directed by us.
     When the guests contact the official Whatsapp line of the hotel via Whatsapp, the language option, hotel selection, action option they want to perform, and accommodation details, if there is a reservation request, are received via Whatsapp. Then, with this information, the Call Center employee starts to correspond with the guest.
     All communication via Whatsapp protects the guest's information and is recorded.
     The call center employee cannot initiate messaging before the guest starts messaging. This increases the trust of the hotel and the loyalty of the guests to the brand.

Whatsapp Business Cost

     As is known, Whatsapp is a META product. Registration is done with a business account on Facebook. Therefore, it becomes the official communication channel of the hotel.
     The service is provided for a monthly fee.

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