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Digital Hotel Care Goals

Contribution to Turnover

To contribute 10% additional turnover to the total turnover of the hotel at the end of the first 12 months. To increase Online Sales & Marketing revenue by 60%. To increase the profitability of the hotel thanks to the analyzes and reports to be carried out.

Conversion Rate

At the end of 12 months, starting with at least 1% of internet users' purchasing rate, to achieve an online sales conversion rate with an increase of at least 25% every year.


To create a strong economic system that will meet the online sales and digital marketing itself by performing digital marketing with the excess income obtained according to the agencies.

Website Success

At least 30% increase in organic traffic of the website after the first 12 months. Keeping the bounce rate at 50%. Increasing website traffic in countries and regions that belong to the brand's target audience.

Being Always Online

To publish the content updates and website innovations of the hotel served within 24 hours.
To protect the structure that provides uninterrupted service 24/7.

Instant Feedback

To process the requests and questions received by the hotel to Digital Hotel Care within the same day and to provide feedback to the hotel.

Search Results

To rank first in branded searches in the first 12 months in search engines, especially Google. If there is a blog, to be listed in non-branded search results in 12 months.


Guest Satisfaction

To ensure that users' requests and questions are answered all online areas where the hotel is accessible. To make permanent guests feel special and to reach new users constantly.

Organic Success

To create a constantly growing system by managing happy guests, happy management and successful operations with the created website, reservation engine, call center, and blog.

Antalya Online Satış ve Dijital Pazarlama Digital Hotel Care



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