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Digital Hotel Care Travelclick Partnership


     We cooperate with Travelclick, one of the world's best software companies in the hotel, travel and transportation industries, owned by Amadeus, the world's best software brand.
      Travelclick provides the infrastructure and software of many world-famous and global chain hotels.
      We contribute to system and process management for the establishment of cooperation with Travelclick, whose global success has been proven many times with famous and big hotel brands, for possible hotel or service investments abroad by Turkish hotels.
      Together with Travelclick, we manage many services on a global scale, such as hotel business management, PMS, search engine ads, reservation engine, loyalty program, channel manager, GDS link, website or social media management.

Travelclick Cost

     Digital Hotel Care provides all management and consultancy services through Travelclick free of charge.
     We ensure that a contract is signed between Travelclick and the hotel for Travelclick services and products to be offered to the hotels we provide consultancy services to.
     After the contract is signed, we manage the operation together with the hotel and present the periodic reports and analyzes to the hotel management.
     There are different pricing applied by Travelclick for each service and product.
     For detailed information, you can visit the link below;

Antalya Online Satış ve Dijital Pazarlama Digital Hotel Care



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