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Digital Hotel Care OTA Management

     We can name the two most well-known brands of Online Travel Agency (OTA) in Turkey as and Expedia. There are different OTA brands that are established and successful in the country or abroad.
     OTA management is relatively more difficult than the management of agencies and tour operators with B2B sales channels. The reason for this is that the sales price to be offered to the consumer must be determined according to the competitors and OTA commission rate.
     OTA management is easier than sales management via website and call center. This is because OTA itself manages the digital marketing application for hotels.

OTA Management Process

     Initially, the year-end OTA ranking target and OTA revenue target are determined by the hotel management.
     Afterward, OTA brands that are suitable for the consumer group and that the hotel wants to work with are determined. If the number of OTAs is 3 or more, it is recommended to use a channel manager.
     All information, content and images of the hotel are taken from the hotel and uploaded to the OTA side. It is ensured that the OTA page content score of the hotel is 100%.
     B2B prices signed by Digital Hotel Care between the hotel and the agencies are examined. The competitors of the hotel are listed and the OTA sales prices of the competitors are examined. Room types and accommodation conditions that will be offered for sale via OTA are determined.
     After the room type and sales prices are determined, the most efficient sales prices and availability for each OTA in terms of conversion rate are uploaded to OTA systems by Digital Hotel Care and followed up.
     The price changes and current availability information given by the hotel are reflected to the OTA systems by Digital Hotel Care within 24 hours at the latest.
     Consultancy is given by Digital Hotel Care to answer the questions, requests or complaints from the guests by the hotel official and the process is followed.
     Reservation payments are sent to the hotel's bank account. Accommodation payments, OTA commission payments and invoicing of the guests belong to the hotel official. Digital Hotel Care follows the process and gives consultancy to the hotel official for a healthy operation.
     The annual target determined together with the hotel management at the beginning of the operation, together with the Digital Hotel Care, will be achieved in the OTA rankings and OTA revenues at the end of the year.

OTA Management Cost

     Digital Hotel Care works on a Win-Win principle for OTA management. Because we trust our experience and the operation we perform, we charge a percentage management fee per reservation of the revenue generated through OTA.

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