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Digital Hotel Care Hotel + Flight Booking Engine

     The reservation engine developed and used by Digital Hotel Care provides service in 4 different languages: Turkish, English, German, and Russian. At the same time, collections are made in Turkish Lira, GBP, USD, and Euro currencies.
      Thanks to IP-based pricing, special pricing, and currency type are applied to each country or each market.

Hotel + Flight Booking Engine Setup & Management

     First of all, we recommend that we launch our own reservation engine after setting up and publishing the hotel's website. Because we rely on the performance of our own websites, search engine integration and user analysis. At the same time, it is all under our control.
      In order to include our reservation engine on the website that the brand has made from a different provider, the reservation engine starts to be used between 3 and 21 working days in parallel with the support speed of the website provider and the brand.
      The reservation engine sales prices to be applied are determined with the strategy determined to achieve the desired goal by performing the necessary analyzes with the brand.
      All transactions such as booking engine setup, uploading prices, updating prices, stop sale & open sale, updating discounts, changing the Release period are processed by us within a maximum of 24 hours from the moment the brand gives it.
      In the reservation engine, "additional service" infrastructure such as spa package sales, airport transfer sales, pavillon sales, A'la Carte Restaurant reservation is available.

How to Get Reservation Collection from Guests?

     Since Digital Hotel Care works as the brand's online sales & digital marketing department, it never collects from guests. All collections to be made through the reservation engine established for the hotel are defined in the official bank accounts of the hotel. Guests pay directly to the hotel by credit card or bank transfer.
      The invoice for the accommodation is created by the hotel according to the guest's information and given to the guest.
      Digital Hotel Care never intervenes between the hotel and the guest for payment or billing transactions.

What happens if the guest requests a flight change or cancellation?

     The authorization for all tickets issued belongs to the airline company. Guests are obliged to contact the airline company for all requests and opinions regarding the flight. Since Digital Hotel Care instantly reflects the flight information to the consumer from the official website of the hotel, the hotel or Digital Hotel Care has no authority or control over the flights in any way.

What is the Cost of Hotel + Flight Booking Engine?

     The best part of the product in terms of the brand is that it costs "0".
      As Digital Hotel Care, we first make earn and then we earn. There are no installation, maintenance or usage fees for the booking engine as we rely on our experience and operation.
      For reservations obtained through the reservation engine, we charge a percentage management fee per reservation.
      Digital Hotel Care reservation engine is becoming the most profitable sales channel of the brand with its Win-Win principle.
      More profitable income is obtained from international tour operators and domestic agencies.

How Is Income Sustainable?

     As can be seen in the example table, the revenue generated from the booking engine is 22% higher than the revenue generated by the agency.
      Therefore, after deducting the Digital Hotel Care management fee per reservation, we have an ecosystem that creates its own digital marketing budget. Even in this case, more income is obtained than the targeted income of the brand.
      Thanks to our Digital Hotel Care reservation engine management, which always has more profitable income for hotels, all organic and paid traffic will be directed to the reservation engine, and investment will be made in a sustainable sales & marketing network that grows itself and is more profitable every year.

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