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Digital Hotel Care Blog & Content Management

     We recommend creating a blog and creating content at least once a week for the brands we set up the website for. Thanks to the blog and the content included at regular intervals, organic traffic in search engines is increased.
     Content related to the product that the brand produces or the service it offers, related to the sector, the search criteria of the user group, or current trends are created and published on the blog periodically.

Blog & Content Management Process

     After the website created by Digital Hotel Care for the brand is published, the blog site project is started if the brand requests it. Depending on the size of the project, it is made ready for publication in 30 to 90 work days.
     The blog, which is created in 4 different languages as Turkish, English, German and Russian, is automatically displayed according to the device language used by the site visitor.
     During the blog setup phase, the site is published after Google Analytics, SEO and other infrastructures are ready.
     For the blog, Digital Hotel Care creates SEO-compatible content in 4 languages, focused on attracting organic traffic, and is included in the site once a week.

Why is a Blog Site Important?

     Users search on many different topics in search engines. Organically appearing in front of potential guests in searches that are not related to your brand make a significant contribution to brand awareness and organic traffic to the original website belonging to the brand.
     To give an example for hotels, thanks to the blog, in searches such as historical events or days, historical places, Turkish cuisine, Turkish culture, shopping, all-inclusive concept, travel guide content, the blog site organically appears in Google search results. It is of great importance for potential guests to find and follow the brand.
     At the same time, content production related to the location of the hotel allows potential guests to easily find the brand in location searches. For example, if the location of the hotel is in the Antalya Side region, the content created about Side's history, restaurants, bars, shopping opportunities, water sports or excursions will organically rank higher in "general searches" in the search engine.

Blog Website Cost

     The budget for blog setup, management and maintenance fee is determined by negotiating with the brand. Half of the determined budget is collected at the beginning of the project, and the remaining part is collected at the delivery of the project. After the site is published, the project continues with a monthly maintenance fee.
     For the content in 4 languages to be produced periodically, the contents to be included in the weekly blog site are created at the agreed price.
     SEO service and Google Analytics management are included in the price of the website and the content to be produced.

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