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Digital Hotel Care SEO Service

     On the websites created and managed by Digital Hotel Care for brands, SEO service is provided within the scope of the project without any additional charge. We get 100% SEO performance by Google for all websites created as Digital Hotel Care.

     At the same time, if the website created by different companies gives bad results in terms of SEO performance, we also help brands that only request SEO support.
     Together with our successful SEO team, we provide SEO services for a monthly fixed fee for a minimum of 12 months in accordance with the demands and goals of the brand. In this way, we get a result of at least 95% of the SEO performance evaluated by Google.

How SEO Service Works and Its Cost

     In order to achieve the targeted SEO result on the website created and managed by a different company, an intensive working period of 12 to 18 months is required in parallel with the speed of the website company and the hotel. Our goal is to achieve a minimum of 95% SEO performance by Google.
     After the busy work period is over, we keep the SEO infrastructure up-to-date by following Google updates in order to maintain the website SEO performance at the same level.
     Websites are constantly being developed and new content is added. We continue to provide SEO services by providing 50% discount on our monthly fee after the busy working period in order to perform the infrastructure updates carried out by Google on the website without any problems.

     Digital Hotel Care organizes a meeting with the company that manages the website and the hotel representative at least once every two weeks for SEO service. A list of things to do for SEO is created by Digital Hotel Care and the process is followed by us. At every stage, SEO performance analysis is presented to the hotel by us and SEO development is reported.

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